Dear Active Santa, You know I like to run. A lot. Thing is, it's winter running season. Translation= cold. I'm sure you can relate. Here are some of my favorite cold running items. Perhaps you can make other runners happy this Christmas season? I'll be sure to leave some freshly baked Kale Chips & a glass of water out for you :).

#1) MICROspikes

These make winter/cold/icy running possible (no need for a treadmill!). Want to impress someone at work? Tell them you ran on ice. It will make you the office rock star. They might cost a little more than another traction device, but MICROspikes are worth every hard earned penny.

#2) Balaclava 

No, this is not the calorie version (you wish), it IS the calorie burning version. You have to keep you head warm when out running! Breathing cold air might make your lungs angry, so pretend you are Batman and pull an balaclava over your head. Just remember people can't see you smiling :).

#3) Hat and neck warmer

If you don't want to embrace your inner Batman, you can opt for a neck warmer and hat combo. You can pull the neck warmer over your mouth and nose. Add a warm hat to not only make you look cute, but comfy as well. Keep your face warm and help combat the dry air with these items!

#4) Gloves

You want to write about your run when you return, so don't freeze your fingers off! A quality pair of gloves or these makes all the difference. And besides keeping your hands warm, they also double as a tissue :).

#5) Under Armour ColdGear

I have had UA Cold Gear pants for 4 years now and absolutely love them. Keep your legs warm! Of course they also have other layers too. Women's ColdGear and Men's ColdGear. The gear is designed to keep your body heat inside the gear so you stay nice and dry and toasty.

#6) Mizuno Breathe Thermo Gear

This is another running brand I love. I've been wearing various pieces of this gear since it came out in 2006 (or was it 2007- I forget). According to Mizuno, their Breathe Thermo line is designed to "change body moisture to heat". Translation when you sweat the gear will keep you warm. From socks to arm warmers to gloves to pants to tops, I am sure you will fall in love with this material as much as me! The Breathe Thermo gear is mixed in throughout- check the gear title. Women's and Men's

#7) Socks

You must keep your feet warm! You don't want to run with cold feet! Besides the Mizuno Breathe Thermo socks, Balega, SmartWool and SwiftWick are all great moisture wicking socks. If you live in really cold areas, you may have to double up on socks. I have put on a plastic grocery bag (another way to recycle!) over my socks before putting my running shoes on. The plastic bag acts an an wind barrier to keep all 10 happy :).


If you have a runner in your life, they would probably like something from this list. Or if Santa doesn't bring you running gear joy, here is your list.


Note: I am in no way affiliated with above brands/products. I just have had positive success with them and passing it on to you. Peace! 


Photo credit: danbruell