If you haven't already heard, its DC Yoga Week. 14 DC Yoga Studio's are offering free or $5.00 classes. How about them apples, or should I say mats? This past Saturday I attended the kick off event. 2010 has been a year from hell quite frankly. I really needed something to take my mind off the horrific things that have happened. And let me tell you, Yoga On The Mall fit that need perfectly! I have to say it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had.

As I sat on the ground with the Washington Monument towering in front of me. The blue sky with streaks of white, happy clouds floating by, and the sun kissing my body, I was indeed swept off my feet. 3 hours of just being present and forgetting about everything else. It wasn't my birthday, but it was a great gift to myself (and free).

Me and my yoga mat. And a few hundred other peace seeking souls. A group united by one common thread: being. Its easy to be in the rushed state 24/7  (being in DC metro area it is more of a way of life-sadly). Our body's crave to just be. Be silent. Be peaceful. Be still. Forget the crap that is in our life. Everything that has gone wrong. The things that have managed to work out perfectly to a T (lucky you).

I enjoyed not only taking in the sights around me, but also above, in front and to the side of me. I was thankful for the opportunity to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous day. Not to get all earthy sounding, but this wave of peace came over me and assured me that everything will be all right. Yes, even in the middle of Washington, DC there was peace. And I felt it.

I walked away from the Monument grounds full of love, peace, joy and harmony. It was just what this body AND mind needed.



Photo by lululemonathletica

Yoga on the Mall

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