Do you ever think about the meaning of life? I do. I'm working on writing my life story (aka, book) and as I look back on everything that I have had to go through, I've had the chance to reflect on the meaning of life. If I asked 100 people this question, I would probably get a 100 different answers. From sarcastic to I-don't-know, each answer would be different I am sure. I don't believe that meaning of life is whoever has the most cookies (maybe kale chips) wins. Here are some of my thoughts on this thing we call life. Perhaps you are going through some deep, dark, lonely valleys. I've been there (and am there). Perhaps you wonder what the hell the meaning of life is all about. Why does bad stuff have to happen to ME?  Sometimes life just sucks. Life hurts. Other people hurt us. Dear friends die. Family members suddenly pass away. Parents abandoning their children. Unexplainable things. Things that will never make sense. 

Here is the thing. Tough (bad) things WILL happen to us, how we react to them is up to us. We can either get mad or cling to the faith that got us this far. See I don't believe that God tests us, He does use life events to bring us closer to Him. To trust Him in everything we are going through- the good and bad.

See, most of us get mad at God when things go wrong. But how many times are we HAPPY with God when things go right? Probably not much. Perhaps those dark places is God's way of saying, "hey, I love you and care about you, trust me with your life and follow me." Maybe those dark places are a chance for you to share how you've kept your faith in God when you couldn't see 2 steps in front of you.

To me the meaning of life is this: To love God and show the world His love by being a light in this dark world by helping/serving others.

The meaning of life. Do you have an answer?

peace, sweat, love: life


Photo credit: How I See Life