I love a lot of things. Like my bike, running shoes, olives, mountain peaks, people and compression gear. I started wearing compression shorts and socks (full length) for running ultras and fell in love with them. I guess it was love at first sight (or sweat) :). And I should also state that I not only wear compression for races, but also for recovery after long, long runs and rides, plus flights.

But first, what is the big deal about compression? And what does it do for you? Compression (gear) is designed to help increase oxygen blood flow, lessen inflammation and reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). It also helps promote healing and keep the muscles from swelling.

Tommie Copper reached out to me and sent me some samples of compression gear to try out. And I was delighted to product test it!

They have a variety of compression gear: shirts, knee, ankle, calf and gloves. The material of the gear is super comfy and lightweight. Wondering why is copper in the name? Glad you asked! The material actually has copper in it. The copper is designed to promote healing, according to Tom Kellish founder of the product. Now you know!

The compression gear is great for after a run, ride, swim or anytime you need a need to give a little love to your muscles!

My only wish is that they made full length compression socks and shorts. I bet in the future they will. :)

Go get your compression on!