Coffee. The mere word lights people up. It's what gets them out of bed in the morning. They can't start the day without the coffee pot- let alone function. There are Someecards that show a person hooked up to an IV that is a coffee drip. Add some cream & sugar and you've got yourself a grumpy hangover just waiting to happen. What happens next? You reach for the RockStar or 5 Hour Energy or Red Bull hoping that you can make it through the rest of the day without killing anyone. Maybe.

People are addicted to their coffee. (Don't think so? Just mention not drinking coffee to someone. The reaction you will receive will tell you- if you don't get your head chopped off!)

So what is really going on? Your body is angry. Mad that you are treating it like a piece of garbage vs a mansion. Your body got a jolt of sugar spiked with caffeine at 6am. No wonder why it's upset!

Coffee dehydrates you. So the more coffee you drink the more pure water you need to drink. Coffee might be made with water, but your body is made up of  close to 75% water, not coffee.

You can not expect to function on caffeine and sugar and get results- either in work or fitness. You need real food-breakfast-to start your day!

Put down the coffee cup and start giving your body the nutrition it needs. And who knows, maybe you'll be surprised at how awesome life is!

Breakfast idea No.1) plant-based/gluten-free waffles with almond butter, unsweetened shredded coconut, half an orange, ground cinnamon & ginger, spirulina

Breakfast idea No.2) Steel cut oats with hemp hearts, hemp milk, banana, spirulina

Breakfast idea No.3) Mix a 1/4 cup of each: chopped pecans+cashews+walnuts+hemp hearts, add hemp milk & fresh berries

Make sweat your coffee. Make life your caffeine. Treat your body like a mansion. Feed it proper nutrition. Give it a real breakfast.



Photo credit: Mr. T in DC