Who doesn't love a warm, gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie (wheat free, dairy free for some of us). But this post as nothing to do with cookies. Sorry. I just wanted to write "warm", "gooey", " chocolate" in the same sentence. Back to reality. I received an email recently that explained to me how they could not move/get active because of x, y, z and 1, 2, 3.  It was an email of despair. Giving up. Just plain old chocolate chip excuses.

My heart goes out to this person. And endless compassion for them and the countless others that believe the excuse crap. To go through life always living by excuses. It sucks to be miserable. Telling yourself lies. AND then believing them.  Just like this person, many people go through life believing what they have convinced their mind of.

If you've been living by excuses for years, stop now. Excuses make you unhappy, sad & living life always looking for a way out.

Are you blaming Starbucks for your extra weight? Don't go to Starbucks! Can you really not move? You walk to the fridge to get that cold slice of pizza, then you can absolutely walk around the block a few times to get your heart rate up.

In the end it comes down to if you really want something or not. You want to be rich? Then you will work your butt off in order to have that mansion & the gated entry way. Want that 2:58 marathon? You'll train, sacrifice  & train some more to achieve that goal. Want to lose weight? You'll stop diets, diet pills, get your butt off the couch and eat clean, move your body to a unbelievable sweat fest.

The choice is yours- live by excuses, always finding a way of out something. OR you will choose to live life by saying no to excuses. Choose to be happy and the rest will fall into place.

Sarah Stanley is a professional endurance athlete who is passionate about sweating, dark chocolate and living life. For more inspiration, sign up for her monthly e-newsletter.

Photo by: callme_crochet

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