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Inspired Living

Celebration Ride Philly to NYC (part two)

Sarah Stanley

I am sure you are on pins and needles- did I eat a cupcake? No, of course not. Smart ass. After cruising through Princeton, NJ (I swear I'm smarter now!) it was on to other towns. I forget the names. They all blended together. It was getter hotter and hotter, but I cycled and trudged on. I knew my window of making it to the city was creeping ever closer.

Since the route changed from ferry to land (can't cycle on water!) and I had to get into the city before dark, I decided to ride as far as I could before I had to throw the bike in the car. Along with myself.

The route was the NJ Turnpike and the Holland Tunnel and that is bike illegal. So yes, technically I did not ride into the city. Bite me.

It was about 5:15 pm and I was running riding out of daylight, gas (in my legs) and just TIRED. Oh and I was approaching 271 miles! I was about 5 miles away from the Turnpike so I radioed to Mike to pull over and let me in! I was disgusting, exhausted, famished (I had nothing to eat other then gels/blocks/water/sports drink!). No sooner did I get in the car and guess what? WE WERE AT LGA! Another freaking AIRPORT! What bike routes and airports have in common, I'll never understand, but I was so tired & happy I was in a car that I didn't really care what was around me.

I was praying ALL day that the traffic gods would be merciful. And they were. PTL. The sun was going down and it was a beautiful drive to the Holland Tunnel. Once on the other side, I jumped- more like gingerly hopped out. Grabbed my bike and headed down Canal Street to 8th Avenue. I was almost to the damn finish line!

I FINISHED! Me and Michelle

I wish I had a video camera following me down the New York City streets. It was a perfect evening. Twilight skies. Taxis trying to run me over. Limo drivers trying to offer me a ride. Weaving in and out of people walking their dogs. Smelling cupcakes, hot dogs, pretzels and city air. Thinking back over the miles I just covered. ON BIKE. WITH MY LEGS. And lungs.

New York City!!! 276 miles later!

Thinking of the over 1,500 kids faces I had the HONOR of speaking giving hope to. And oh yes, my birthday. Might be unconventional, but that's how Sarah Stanley rolls. Here I was. In the city that never sleeps. NEW YORK CITY!

276 miles! 18 hours, 27 minutes. I DID IT!!!

The finish line crew!

A few friends met me at the finish line- for which I was very grateful! Thanks Daniel, Susan, Michelle (plus hubby & family!), Christopher & Erica. And all the folks at New York Running Company! I was VERY thrilled to sit on something other then a saddle!


And just as soon as it started, it was over. A lot of sweat, blood, a few tears, lots of smiles and some laughter too.

The hotel (which was a whole story in itself) bed & comfy pillows sounded like heaven. And couldn't come soon enough! I was SO tired, I didn't even take an ice bath! Imagine that! And just like that, I was out. Celebration Ride = success = one exhausted, but very happy chick ;)

Happy pedaling ya'll.