Day one of Celebration Ride!! Can't really believe it! My day actually started at 1am when I realized my BB was corrupted. I had to call Verizon at 1:30am and wipe it clean & then reinstall. I wish I was kidding. Hopefully that is the only thing that will go wrong:)Then it was on to last minute packing (and trying not to freak out!). I left to pick up Mike who was kind enough to be the driver and SAG. Could not do this w/out him. Then we headed into DC and got the car ready. Arts & crafts time:) On the back of the car it says "go Sarah" and info underneath.

Back of car

Side of car

Finally rode out at 8am. Or tried too. It took FOREVER to get out of the city. Thankfully it was a beautiful morning!!!

The Birthday Girl ;)

Rode into Annapolis and met up w/ Jon of Turning Points Sports & Web. Rode around the town en route to the Navel Academy Primary School. It was great to speak to all the wonderful kids there! Ann also met up w/ us. It was nice to have company on the road!

Web, Me, Jon

Getting kids excited about health!

I had some issues around BWI (don't ask). I had a lot of honks  & people yelling "Go Sarah" as they passed me/us. But for a change, it was actually cheering for me! Remember the car?! So that was cool. Finally made it out of the air strip. I must say, spending all day basically in the saddle (moving or not) is a really interesting experience. Use your imagination :)

I will also say that it is a neat way to see the country. I can't wait for the full Run Ride Inspire project to happen! Anyway, back to present day pain, I mean fun. I had some pretty good hill climbs. I was def hurting and couldn't wait to get to the hotel.

After navigating downtown Baltimore, we FINALLY made it!! 81.9 miles later! Exhausted. The sun was way hotter then I expected. I was pretty dehydrated. The town's slowed me down. I was able to keep around 18-21 on the main roads. I am praying tomorrow will be smooth sailing (riding?). Stay tuned! Baltimore to Philly. Godspeed!

But first an ice bath. Lucky me.

I would be remiss not to mention how thankful I am for Nutrilite for sponsoring me & this ride!!