Celebration Ride 2 Day Four! Date: October 14, 2011

Weather: Beautiful, then foggy

Body feeling: Great!

Woke up this morning feeling eager to get the ride started, but before riding, I had the great honor of talking with (note: not TO) kids at a local school in Santa Barbara. They were so attentive and excited to learn what I had to share! It made the 35 minutes go by quickly.

Then I quickly changed out of my skirt and into cycling gear. Oh the fun! The other thing I was excited about? I was going to have a riding buddy! So glad to have company on the bike (and I think Joshua was too). We met Jeff at the pier and then headed on our way south.

After an adventure getting to the PCH, we rode in unison. Jeff completed the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race in August so he is a great athlete! We talked - OK, I may have talked his ear off. But still we had fun. It was a tremendous asset to have him riding with me as he knew the area! It's nice to not ride clueless :)!

We rode to Ventura together, then he turned around to ride back to Santa Barbara. And he must have taken the nice weather with him because as soon as he left, the the fog started to roll in and it got chilly!

There was some construction in the one of the next cities over and Joshua and I got separated. Not to worry. I rode on and knew we would find each other eventually. Or so I thought. After about five miles of weaving in and out of traffic (trying not to get hit) I realized we might not find each other. So I find the shelter of a tree and called Joshua. Sure enough we were not anywhere near each other!

He came and got me and then got back on the foggy trail. I mean road. Riding into Malibu was extremely foggy. We stopped along the way and dipped our toes in the cold Pacific Ocean. Nice and refreshing :). There was more climbing coming in to Malibu. Oh they joy! Finally when I hit the 100-ish miles, I called it a day (it was getting dark anyway) and I gratefully retreated to the car.

We drove on and I enjoyed the view from something other than a bike saddle :). We finally got to Santa Monica and I was STARVING. Joshua took a nap in the car and I went to find some calories at the Urth Cafe kindly recommended to me by RaeLynn. I could have eaten there for days! Cycling 100+ miles each day burns a lot of calories let me tell you!

Joshua came and find me and we did a little walking tour of Santa Monica. The funny thing is that I was here in March and the weather was also ugly! (I would be back in 10 days, would my 3rd visit in a year be the charm?) Then we got in the car and hunted for a place to stay. The hostel we were going to stay at required that you have a passport. Joshua had his, but I left mine at home. Lesson: always take it with you!

So we drove on and on and on. Drove by LAX. Would see it again in 10 days. I called a few motels, but they all seemed sketchy. I just wanted to fall into a bed and go to sleep. Not worrying if I was going to be shot or not.

We kept driving. It was now raining. Finally we found a motel that was safe. And affordable. After a glorious, hot shower I crashed. Time to sleep! One more day of riding!

Full slideshow here.