Celebration Ride 2 Day Three Oct 13, 2011 Route: San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara

Weather: Sunny and HOT (temp on blacktop was 120*)

Cell phone reception: Better, but not good

I can't believe I am on Day Three! After a great night of sleep, amazing breakfast, it was back on the saddle. I tried to write recaps from the previous days, but that was impossible. I was mentally drained and I needed every bit of focus to remain steadfast until the end.

It was sad to leave Martha's! We had such a great time!

Today's route was probably my least favorite of the three days. The PCH didn't follow the coast till the end of the day. Which meant that I was riding in between the mountains, baked, roasted, fried, grilled and melted in the sun. (Just trying to see how many adjectives I could use).

I rode through farm land and it brought back memories. I was raised on a large, working Organic Vegetable Farm (one of the first in the country) and I should clarify "raised." Raised = worked. Yep, child/teen labor :). Or a hard-working farm girl.

It was fun to pass the farms and actually know what was growing. Strawberries, artichokes, brussels sprouts, lettuce ... I should've pulled over for lunch! Ha! But soon the vegetable farms ended and it was riding in between brown mountains. Remember the baked effect? Yep. It. Was. Brutal.

We stopped in some small town for ice. And a fruit Popsicle. IT WAS GOOD. It practically melted in my mouth! A month later, I can still taste it!

The route today was pretty much all climbs. One climb was a 7%  grade. Sweet. It must have been about hour 5 when my mind was REALLY needing something other than brown, dry hills, hot blacktop and cursing the sun. So I asked Joshua if I could PLEASE use my iPod. Only one earbud though. He thankfully (whew) let me have it. It got me up the hills!

And soon enough I was riding by the Pacific Ocean once again. It felt amazing to have the salt water breeze on my sweaty, hot skin! Riding into Santa Barbara was flat. Kind of on a busy freeway. And just like that. Another 100+miles done. 3 days down. 2 to go!

Joshua and I had some time to walk around Santa Barbara, enjoy the most amazing sunset ever, run in the sand and take a walk down the pier.

We stayed with a family that evening. Enjoyed a hot meal, hot shower and went promptly to bed. Exhausted times 100!!

Slideshow here. Enjoy!