Here it is, almost 3:30am in the morning. I've been up for the last hour and a half because my BlackBerry decided that TODAY was the day to be become corrupted. Kill me. If you have been under a rock, snow cave or generally not aware that good things do exist, then let me bring you up to speed (no, not that kind).

Birthday. Bike. The next generation. Me. What do these four things have in common? Cake+ ice cream, right? Wrong.  Celebration Ride, silly. I set the bar kind of  high in 2009 when I ran a 100 miler on my 30th birthday.  So this year, as I was pondering how to celebrate my 31st birthday, I thought of no better way then to hop on my bike and ride from Washington, DC to New York City. Its about 300 miles. And raise funds for ING Run For Something Better at the same time. Plus awareness for the Run Ride Inspire project I started earlier this year.

I have a very strong passion for the next generation. They are going to be our future leaders- if they don't have the right foundation now, how will they be able to lead (us)?

So, in a few short hours I will on a bike pedaling my way to New York City via Annapolis, Baltimore and Philadelphia. There won't be any cake or ice cream but lots of sweat!

I am also really excited because Nutrilite is now my official sponsor. More details in the coming hours and days. Stay tuned. Seriously.

Happy Birthday! Happy Celebration Ride!

Photo by: Ms.Tea