Did I catch your attention? :) Well, it's NOT that kind of breakup (although I could tell a *few* stories on THAT kind). However, it is still not easy for me to accept it. No matter how much it needed to happen. I had to breakup up with my 12 mile RUN this morning. Heartbreaking. A few tears (glad tissues were on hand), some sighs and a thank you from my foot. Yes, my foot. You see, it has not really been given the time to heal because it's partner (um, me) has NOT given it the chance too. So, today I had to make the tough choice to call off my run. BUT! I know that by doing this tough thing was the right thing to do.

No matter who we are, we all have had breakups at some point in our life. Could be a relationship. Or a food. Or a sport. Or a dream. Or whatever. How do we handle the breakup?

Usually, being human we feel anger, frustration, sadness, loss or grief. (We may go even run our fastest mile ever). And trust me, I feel everyone of those! :)

However, how can we turn those feelings into positive actions? Yes, running a fast mile may be sweet, but it won't always happen! Here are some things I did today. I have also used them when dealing with other breakups, just not with running.

#1) think long term. When you think of the big picture, it helps the present seem a little less daunting. I knew that by taking today off (combined with scheduled tomorrow off) it would help me heal in the long run (pun just fit:)).

#2) trust in yourself. You have to not only believe in yourself, but you also have to trust that the breakup will be better for your life in the long end. Hard to do, trust me. But by empowering yourself with knowing that you are doing the right thing, then the breakup might just be a *little* easier.

#3) a better life ahead. Sometimes (well a lot of times) the breakup is not mutual. It is definitely hard to be broken up with. I felt like that today. However, I knew that if I did not do something, the pain would only get worse and cause greater heartache down the road.

There are always a ton of questions, why's, tears, emptiness, perhaps some anger, loneliness & many other feelings that go along with a breakup. I will write about them on another day:) Meanwhile, I don't know if you have had a breakup recently, but you probably have one coming. I hope that these thoughts will help you to hold on & be strong. Because if I can survive a breakup with my run, then you can certainly survive yours:)

Photo by Megyarsh