Boston Marathon Finish LineEver since I qualified for the 114th Boston Marathon I had to pinch my self. Getting into Boston is a runner's dream. It's like winning Dark Chocolate for life. Only this is sweeter. A few days ago I was chatting with Laura Yasso (Bart Yasso's wife) about Boston. She casually mentioned that there was a group starting out at 5am on marathon morning. It's called "Double Boston Marathon". Immediately I knew it was on.  We all know that Sarah Stanley can't pass up a challenge! :) An exchange of emails & a phone call later, I was in. Insert the Staples jingle "that was easy". Now lets pray that Monday will be as well!

One little thing though. I just ran a 50 miler April 10 (plus a 50k and a marathon 4 weeks prior as well). Could my legs hold up for 2 50 milers in 9 days? I intend to find out.

So, why would I do this to myself  (besides a challenge)? Glad you asked:)

I decided to run a Double Boston Marathon to bring awareness to the childhood obesity crisis.  My prayer is that by running 52.4 miles on April 19, 2010 it will inspire, encourage and motivate the nation to get active & healthy. As you know 1/3 kids are obese. Yeah, I am going to extreme measures to get the message across. But that's what I do:)

Details: We start at 5am on the finish line in Boston and run to the start line in Hopkinton. Then run back to Boston. Oh how fun!

If you are in the Boston area please come out & cheer for the Double Boston Marathon group. I will (of course) be posting live updates on Twitter & Facebook, so you can encourage us virtually as well.

See you in Boston and Hopkinton!