Often in competition we are faced with other athletes with similar physical strength and background, but what truly enables one to outperform the other?   The answer is mental.   Your mind and how you think on a day to day basis has an amazing amount of influence on how you perform in life and in competition.   Some of the world’s best athletes such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have attributed their success to mental toughness as the key to their success.   There is no debate that self-confidence is one of the most significant psychological factors related to sports performance.  As you approach a marathon, triathlon, race or any competition, think about what you are thinking about and use your mental strength to help you ultimately achieve your desired win.

There are several things that you can do to improve your mental strength and confidence.   Some of the most beneficial strategies are to join a club for running, triathletes or other designated sports.  Psychologically, through the association and involvement one is more likely to find the connection to other athletes to be a source of great encouragement.  Most experienced athletes in the sport enjoy encouraging and helping others along.   Another component is to set realistic goals; nothing destroys confidence more than setting unrealistic goals and failing to achieve them.  Set goals that are challenging, yet still achievable in a realistic time frame that are immediate, short and long term so the task don’t seem overwhelming.   By putting goals and place it will not only improve your confidence once you achieve them, but by achieving your immediate and short term goals, it will allow you to achieve your long term goals.

For whatever competition you are entering practice scenarios and envision the competition in your mind and how you want it to be.  Make a list of everything you have to do in order to successfully complete the competition and practice common scenarios.  A great method that I use that has helped me in achieving my goals was to create a vision wall of my goals and putting images of those achievements on my wall as if I had already achieved them.  By creating a vision wall and placing it somewhere where I can see it on a day to day basis, allows me to consistently think about my goals and working towards them each and every day.  As you approach competitions and daily challenges in life remember to think about what you are thinking about to beat out your competition in life and in competition.