While I was running on the beach the past few days I noticed quite a few people that were smoking. This kind of came has a surprise to me. How could someone smoke at such a beautiful place? The ocean in front of them. Peace. Quiet. Sunrises. Sunsets. Laughter of children. Dogs playing catch. Then taint all that with smoke? (I am not talking about cigars, btw).

To me it seems contradictory. Then I got to thinking (yup, there I go again) how sometimes in life (maybe its just me) that we have a lot of beauty in our life but we might have a "smoke" in our environment. Maybe its food. Or negativity. Or people that bring us down. Or excuses. Or not making an effort to change something that we know we should. Or fill in the blank. We can be surrounded with beauty, peace, pure awesomeness, but ruin all that with just one little (or big) thing. As I was running along and thinking about this thought, it struck me that a lot of people live life with "smoke". We may not even be aware that we are.

I don't know about you, but I want to live a life that brings a smile to peoples faces. Sure, tough times will happen. Life is not perfect. But if can acknowledge the "smoke" in our life and make an effort to change that, then we can live a really awesome life! Cool? Awesome! :) Thought: what is your "smoke" and what will you do to change that?

Photo by Winnie's human's