Last night as I was browsing my Twitter feed, I saw a Tweet from a health/fitness professional. And what I read shocked me. The post was promoting the "HCG Diet". This is one of the worst diets (all diets are horrible, but this one is exceptionally bad). I replied to her that I was sad she posted that. She replied to me that she was helping her friend. Well, if she was helping her friend she would tell her the truth about the HCG Diet. I know we all want to help a friend win something (more about that in another post), but before you post something, get the facts. Especially if it is of a health based post. AND you are in the health field. People are looking up to us. Be diligent in providing the right facts.

There is a healthy way to lose weight. Eat real food and sweat. And a few other things too, but that's really the basis of it. The HCG diet involves a injection and a "diet" of 500 calories per day. Of course you'll lose weight! You are starving yourself! For more, read this: HCG Diet.

So please people, be careful what you retweet, post, say, and eat + drink (couldn't resist, sorry). People expect you to do the homework for them. Be a positive influence!

Photo by: srqpix