So, on my recovery journey, I recently took a hike. My sports doctor will be happy to know that I didn't run. The temptation was great, trust me. As I started off down the trail on the way to the hike section I decided to do something different. Go backwards. No, not walking backwards silly, but just changed the direction I usually go.

And you know what? Going backwards was actually a really neat experience. Besides challenging different muscles, I got to see the view from a new perspective. I was able to see things I usually just sailed past. A new view. A new perspective.

And I also thought of how many times I had traveled on this path that bought so much joy & yes, sometimes pain. Sometimes I was having a crappy day. Or the best day of my life. Or just sat on the rocks and watched the squirrels play. I thought of how I walked this same route with an ex boyfriend. I thought back to the times I watched rock climbers scale the wall before them with such grace, ease and pose. And wished that my body could be just like them.

How often do we  on this journey called life we ALWAYS go one way. It's okay to look back and see where you have been. What have you accomplished? What goals have you achieved? Maybe you need to get some goals on paper and go after them.

Sometimes it is helpful & refreshing to see where you have been so you can see how far you have come.

So if you haven't looked back in while, I suggest you do so. Then give your self a pat on the back and move forward. Knowing that you have a great life ahead of you!

Just don't close your eyes:)

Photo by dirvish

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