Sunday! First morning at beach! Not sure if I can call this a run really, but WTH. After a day of traveling with kids, sand in just about every place and a diet that I don't usually eat, I was REALLY looking forward to my run this am. Started out with shoes. But everything just felt "off". So I cut over to the beach to see if that would make a difference. It didn't. So, I got to thinking. Maybe I would try this whole "barefoot running" thing out. I know, I am lame. Barefoot is supposed to be mandatory on the beach:) I really should be a barefoot runner. I grew up barefoot. Maybe I will have to get the 5 fingers shoes yet. I will admit, the pain I was having in my right foot (I dare not say the word "PF" word) was gone right away. YAY! I ran on. Beach running is a bit harder so I did walk some (thus the slow pace). It was SO nice, peaceful, quiet and beautiful out. Just awesomeness! I came back at 2 hrs for a water (well had lemonade) break, then back out for the last hour. I was heading back to the beach, running barefoot still & another runner asks me how I like it. Cool! Could this be a new ice breaker? Me thinks maybe so! My reply was "process of elimination". Not sure when I got it, but I have a horrible blister on the bottom of my big toe. The other goods news? My big toe nail finally came off. Well, let me rephrase that. I have had countless nails fall off. None like this. Won't go into the details. But I had to cut most of it off today. I was going to pull it off, but I was a wimp. A piece of the nail is still hanging on for dear life, but I think by the end of this week it will give up:) Now, there is just skin there. I hope I get a toe nail in the next couple of years. Right now it does not look promising.

Cheers from the beach! :)

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