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Inspired Living

August 8 ~ on the road again!

Sarah Stanley

Home for 2 days, now back on the road! This time heading to Rehoboth Beach, DL for a work/fun vacation. Looking forward to getting some work done while listening to the sound of the ocean! We (friends+ their 3 kids under the age of 7) packed up the van and headed out. Another Saturday without a long run at 6am! Whoa!

The drive to Rehoboth Beach, DL was long. Its not far in miles, but between the people leaving AND coming to the beach it takes forever to just to drive a mile. And if you have traveled with kids before........well, lets just say that we were AL ready to get there!

Upon arriving, we immediately saw about 5 dolphins, so the kids and myself were excited about that! It was quite hot, so jumping in the ocean was going to feel really good!

We got to the house after lunch at Subway. Unpacked. Headed to the beach. We all had a blast!

Dinner tonight was not my normal fare. But good:)

Miles today: ZERO. Tapering has really begun. I am glad I am at the beach this week!!!! :)

Photo by kalandrakas