Sometimes things don't always go as planned. Well, today was one of those days! I had very intention of running 14 miles, but my body & legs had other ideas. Not wanting to get injured 15 days out from race, I gave in and settled for 5 miles. Not the fastest time I have had, but at this point, training has already been done. I just need to maintain it.

Other things happened today, that produced this thought: instead of looking how far up the mountain is in front you, look back at the hills you just climbed.

Sometimes it is SO freaking easy to look at what we have to overcome that we (ok, me) forget what we just accomplished! So, let this encourage you-whatever you are facing, just think of what you have already faced! You can do it! :)

Today also reminded me that surrounding yourself with GREAT friends is very important. I found out that someone is spreading lies about me. It is rather upsetting & frustrating to say the least. However, I am thankful that I have the wonderful support of friends. No matter what the lies are I know & my friends know that they aren't true. And that my friends is going to keep a smile on my face:)

15 days and counting! :)

Photo by Aunt Owwee