Last day in Chicago. Sigh. I always have so much fun here with my best-est friends! Kate, Meaghan, Pete you all rock! Got to run with Deon this morning. Another nice morning. I felt pretty sore the whole time, but it was great to run with a friend. Nice Lake Shore route. Lots of runners. Lots of cyclists. I again had bike envy!

Ran 6 miles in an hour. But I was able to run, so I am thankful!

Said goodbye to Kate. Then I had breakfast with Pete. More goodbyes. Quickly packed up and headed to airport via the bus & train.

I was a little fearful of flying back today given my flight in. But I am happy to report that my flight to Atlanta was good. Flight to Richmond was also uneventful! Thank god!

Nathan picked me up, went back to his & Meg's place. Chatted for a bit, then I hit 95 North. It was already 9pm. Thankfully I had some friends to keep me awake on the drive home. Thanks Alex & Lewis! I also have to thank WaWa. For a gas station, they are a great place to stop at!

I got home just before midnight. Unpacked. Did a load of wash. Fell into bed. I get to cycle in the morning!!!!

Photo by mysza83