Good morning from Chicago! What a beautiful morning it is! Someone said it was humid, but trust me, it isn't. They must not have been to DC! My meetings didn't start super early this morning so I was looking forward to getting in a 10 mile run. Running in Chicago is running on a concrete jungle. My legs+body really like trails, so I was apprehensive about the run this morning. Last time here, I was in major pain.

**quick sidebar** to all my friends in Chicago, I don't know how you run here day after day! Kudos to you ALL!

Started out & soon enough my left knee/quad area starting feeling funny. I ran for a mile, then not wanting to jeopardize my awesome training I decided to walk & see if that helped. I moved from a jog to a walk, then gave up on the jog all together.

Let me say this. It was hard to walk when runners are FLYING past you. And cyclists are SPEEDING past you. I kept reminding myself that my goal is to remain injury free for the next 18 days. Very hard for this chickie to do, but 100 mile is my goal. Not a 10 mile training run. Not this close anyway!

4.5 miles in an hour. ARGH!

The rest of the day was spent walking from meeting to meeting. Another meeting in heaven (Whole Foods Lincoln Park). Got to catch up with Sarah Evans before the Hyatt 4 Good Mashable event in the evening. Great convo! Thanks Sarah!

It was a packed day full of fun. New topics to write about. Ready to encourage your & your life! :)

Photo by jordanfischer