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Inspired Living

August 3 ~ tasting land!

Sarah Stanley

Whoa. I have never had so many "off" days before except when injured! Now that I am 20 days out from race, I will start to take it easy (as much as I can that is). I had another packed early day, so I enjoyed a nice morning of sleeping in. Chicago's weather was a bit iffy today. A little rainy, sunny, and of course windy.

The highlight of my day was visiting Whole Foods Lincoln Park. Talk about a store! Wow. I could live here forever. Seriously. They have everything one could possibly need!

The store just opened about 2 months ago. Perfect time for a visit. They had a wine bar. A coffee bar. A beer bar. A "drive in diner" type theme area. More selections of pasta, olive oil, tomato sauce, cheese, chocolate and fresh produce then you can shake a stick at! I enjoyed my tasting tour immensely!

The Whole Body section was also fabulous. The kids+baby section was full of awesome products, not just to eat, but also to learn!

Eating was my "training" for the day. I did do a lot of walking, does that count? lol! :)

Great meetings. Great people. Great life. Its all about perspective.

Photo by Joe M500