I just returned from the cookout. In less then 11 hours I will be at the start of the 100 mile journey. As I reflect back on the last few months of training I am in awe. I am so incredibly grateful that I was able to share my daily training life with you. In return I am blessed to have SO MANY wonderful friends behind me! It feels wonderful to go in to my race tomorrow knowing that I have the support, the love, the encouragement of YOU. I could spend hours writing the names of the people who have cheered me the past days, weeks and months. For now, let me just thank a few people. I must get some sleep tonight:)

Meghan, thank you for your endless hours of updating my website and awesome design! I couldn't be here with out you!

To Gregg, who is crewing for me. Your support, willingness to help me in whatever I need (like making an ice chest out of a box). I could not run this race with out you!

To Peter, who always made me laugh. Always said "live your life kid".   And thinks of me when he climbs hills:) That keeps me going!

To Kate for all the fun we had laughing the past few months about our runs, life and food.

To Sprite, my adopted big sister, always had a hug for me! Just wish we didn't live so far apart!

To Craig, Nathan, Whitney, Caleb, Greg, Mike, Karen, Lisa, Casey, John, Mary, Lewis, Alex, MJ, Brandon.....omg, I could go on and on. Your name may not be on the list, but please know that appreciate you. I covent your thoughts. Your love. Your kindness. Just being there. I am in awe of all you!!!

I can't wait to share my journey with you live. I can't wait to tell you what it feels like to cross the finish line. I can't wait to change even more lives with this run. I can't wait to run.

Must. Get. Some. Sleep.

Much love,


Photo by Jude Hill