Its off the to the races! Kate & I woke up this morning to 60 degree temperatures! Whoa! After getting the sleep out my eyes, we waited and waited and waited for the CTA, aka the bus. It was late. Not a good way to start race day off!

We arrived at the race about 5:50am. Dashed to the restrooms first, then over to gear check. I already knew that my 4 mile warmup was out of the question. I got in .40 mile but my legs didn't feel ready. I was in coral 1. There were 20, Yikes.

I thought I would catch a glimse of Kara Goucher, but alass I didn't.

6:30am, gun went off & I was running with the rest of the speedsters. Almost ran me over! I felt very slow and when I hit the mile one clock it was right. See all the stats below.

So, I will say this. The race course was great. Lots of crowds. Good placement of water. Loved, loved the sponges at mile 7 & 10. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers for being out there! Mile 10-12 was a little difficult as we were running on the Lake Shore front and the trees kept getting in our way. Because we were in the lead, I don't think it was too bad for us, but I think for the people behind us it might have been.

5k time came & went. I can run a 5k in 20 minutes, so being at 26 minutes, I knew that my goal time was not going to happen no matter how much I was able to increase the pace in the next 10 miles.

6 miles. Yada, yada. I started to feel good. But by mile 10, I knew that it was going to be hard to run 3 miles in like 3 minutes. Even though my head+body were cheering for me.

I reminded myself that my goal race is in 3 weeks. Not today. It was a hard pill to swallow as I crossed the finish line. Not the time I wanted. But you know what? I am thankful I can run. I am grateful to be given the gift of running. And even though my time was not what I wanted, I did run. I finished.

After finishing the race. I know I can do WAY better. I think I will focus on this distance to get really good & really competitive at it. I think Kevin G. will help me in the speed department, right my friend? :) I just may have to move!

The stats! Chip Time 1:46:57 Overall Place 1640 / 14438 (ok, not that bad!) Gender Place 450 / 9348 (I'll take it) Division Place 152 / 2584 (see, I just need some speed work) Pace 8:10 (this is not good) 5 Km 26:10 6 Mile 50:17 10 Mile 1:22:47 (negative splits, that's what we want baby!)

Photo by marktollerman