Last day at home! To say today was crazy would be an understatement!! I spent most of the morning with an athlete doctor. Got some good feedback, advice, counsel and changes to my life+training will be coming after my race Saturday. I am dedicated to making the change, although it will be hard!

Then it was on to more appointments, getting last minute things for race (socks, flashlights, cash, GU, you know the usual stuff:)), post office, UPS, Barnes & Noble to finish up a few projects, found out that a server was down, spent 20 minutes on hold only to find out that it was the hosting company's issue, then a massage (read: pain-body was beyond tight!), Whole Foods (Kashi, Rice Milk, Coconut Water, Smart Water), driving home realized I forgot Epsom Salts, so had to make another stop to get that, then finally home. 12 hours since I left this morning! Whew!

I was VERY excited to see that my Hammer Nutrition order arrived. Just in the nick of time!! :)

Friend Gregg arrived soon later. Printed off race plans, aid stations, etc. Then it was onto packing. I quickly realized that my main bag was going to be over 50lbs. So I quickly got another small bag and started packing that. There was no way I was going to pay $125.oo for checking one bag!!!

Let me say this. Preparing for a 100 mile ultra marathon is an ultra in itself. The amount of stuff you have to pack is insane. 5 shorts, 5 tank top, 5 sports bra's, 2 pants, gloves, 8 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of shoes, gloves, hats, , ZipLoc bags, Vaseline, baby wipes, wash cloths, bottles, containers, race belts, food, water, more food, more get the idea.

Finally, we were done packing. Had to eat yet. Had some Sushi, pasta (go figure), tomatoes w/ mozzarella cheese (you know my cheese obsession) and cantaloupe.

Its WAY past my goal time of 8pm. 10:45pm to be exact. Lights out. Sweet dreams!

Photo by Sushi-Ina