Whoa! 2:30am came WAY to fast!!! Wiped the sleep out of my eyes, ate a quick breakfast, Phil came at 3:30am. Quickly loaded up my truck w/ all the gear and we were off to Dulles. Parked in the lot, aka, land of no return. Then it was time for the moment of truth. My BIG bag weighed in at 49lbs. OMG!!! I just made it!! That was great news.

On to flight. 6am flight to Denver first. Apparently I was pretty tired. I was in the middle seat, asleep and Gregg accidentally hit with his arm. I never moved.

Landed in Denver. Had 10 min to make the connection. No time for Jamba Juice. Sigh. On a little prop plane to Rapid City. Short flight. Hello South Dakota! 35mph winds! 65 temps. It was cold! Whoa!

Got picked up by Casey's Car Rental. Drove into town. Had a nice lunch at Colonial House. Then we went over to Safeway for more last minute food. I wanted my red grapes I always crave on runs! :)

Spent a little time in the city. Checked the local running store. Of course!!

Then it was on to Mt. Rushmore! My first time seeing it live! So cool!

Since I was the pilot (aka driver) my 2 passengers took a nap while driving into Hot Springs. Sigh. Perhaps I will get a nap tomorrow. Passed Buffalo. Kind of funny seeing the creatures right on the road. If you hear a scream Saturday you'll know why:)

Passed some really cute shops. WILL be back!

Finally arrived in Hot Springs. Checked in at hotel. Then went down to check in for race! Race number 102 baby! It's feeling very real now.

Then back to the room to get some work done. Didn't get to bed til 11pm. It's been a LONG day.

Night all!

Photo by dean.franklin