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Inspired Living

August 17 ~ This is THE week!

Sarah Stanley

This is the week! I can't believe its here! Not much to report today. Did a short 3 mile run. Felt sick today. Think its a bit of stress and nerves. AND not used to the low milage! So with that...... Dear 100 miler,

I can't believe that this is THE WEEK!

Training has flown right by! Yes, on one hand, its been a long 3 months. Waking up at 4am on weekends. Saying no to sweets. Running solo. Doing speed work in 95% humidity. Fighting the urge to throw up. Some days were tough. And then on the other hand, some days felt like a piece of cake. There were times that I wondered why am I doing this again?

And then you reminded me that I am doing this to inspire, encourage, motivate and empower people. The world. Others. To be that real living example. And with that reminder I got another sweat fest in. As the training miles wore on, I felt tired. But then you sent people to encourage me. Friends that cared. Friends to support me. When the critics started, that's when even more friends stood behind me. I trained on.

I have eaten my fair share of GU, Cliff Shots, Sports Beans, Hammer products, and protein shakes. I am reminded of my passion, dedication and determination. I hope & pray that together, dear 100 miler that we can make a difference on the world. I don't know what Saturday will bring. But I do know that no matter what, the trail will lead the way. I will follow. Because when we cross that finish line, the journey has only just begun.

In 4 days, I will set my feet on the starting line. I have trained my heart, soul and legs for this race. I am ready for you.

Lets do this! Together.

Love, Sarah