Ah. Heading home today. Goodbye beach. Hello road! Its been nice to be able to work in a different environment. Nice to feel the sand under my feet. Nice to  run along the beach. Nice to listen to the waves. Makes you appreciate the little things in life!

Got in a quick beach walk. Then it was packing up, cleaning and getting the kiddo's in the car. We stopped at the water+go kart park. Our plan worked. 2/3 kids slept almost the whole way home! Traffic was light for us going North. Sadly the people heading South were stuck in a parking lot.

Hello home! Good to be back! After unpacking, cleaning and organizing, I "snuck" out for a much need climb/hike/run. And fresh air! Girl did it feel GREAT to to move my legs. Climb up the rocks. Breathe. Live!

Back home for 4 days. I will enjoy!

Photo by Hamed Saber