Where did the week go? Can it really be Thursday already? Another walk this morning. This taper thing can't end soon enough! I am happy to report that I have good running form. I went to a free running clinic tonight hosted by http://www.runningrehoboth.com/. They had a foot doctor there. I nearly fell off the treadmill from laughter when he said to me "so, you probably run about 60-80 miles a week". I agreed with a shrug. He asked me when my next race was and he said "ok, I know you now. You are an athlete. Don't need to prove it to us by that pace you running now". I got off the treadmill:) I was told that I had good running form. I should probably change my shoe type. Too much motion control. I could be a better (and most importantly) faster runner if I would wear a different shoe! Music to my ears!

My friends, Andy O http://blog.andyobrien.com/ , Caleb http://bonkproof.com/ and Steve http://www.runbulldogrun.com/ better watch out. There is another speed monster in the house!!!

Photo by procsilas

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