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Inspired Living

August 12 ~ Lifeprints

Sarah Stanley

Another day at the beach! Even though I am here, work has not slowed down. Between chasing kids, writing, meeting various deadlines, I have looked forward to getting out to the sand in the morning! Stuck with walking again this morning. This whole taper thing drives me crazy. A lot of dogs again. People out with metal detectors. Runners. Walkers. Few kids getting a head start on sand castles. Saw dolphins again.

While walking this morning, I was thinking about footprints. We all know the famous poem. But I have a different take. What about life-prints? Our life leaves an impact on whatever we do. The words we say (or don't say). The things we do. How we live our life. Its so easy (speaking to myself here) to go about life without stopping to think that that whatever we do will leave a print on someone else.

Today's take away thought:  what kind of life-print are you leaving?

5 miles in the books. Ultra better get here. Stat!

Photo by Randy Son of Robert