How many people do you know that live by the excuse of being busy? Have you ever received an email reply back that said "sorry for the delay, I've been busy?" Do they believe that they are the only ones that are busy? Being busy is not an exclusive little island, my friends. Come on - let's face it - we are all busy. Be it the stay-at-home mom/dad or a CEO or a preacher or a president of a Fortune 500 or a trooper - no matter what the occupation each of us are busy. Busy is an overused and misused word. But how many of us are busy being busy versus busy living life with purpose? With intention? With integrity? With positivity? Living and breathing God's plan for our lives? 

Often times 'being busy' is an easy excuse for not doing what we should be doing. Perhaps we're not managing our time wisely. Maybe we've overcommitted (said yes one too many times?) Or we're lazy (goofing off) with our time? Spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest? God has given us each second to use for His glory. If we are going to be busy, we need to be busy doing everything for the glory of God. Everything = washing the dishes, doing ANOTHER load of wash, changing a diaper, making wise/healthy/real food choices, running a race with all of our soul, heart and mind, managing a large company.

Clarification. If we are busy, we need to be busy doing things that matter and that God has called us to do. But let me make this clear, some things in life don't matter. Like hating, bullying, looking down on other people. Thinking that you are better than someone else. Feeling sorry for yourself. Treating those who are serving you (restaurant, stores, etc) poorly. Are you busy doing good or busy tearing down good?

If you are busy being busy for busy sake, it's time to look at the things you are doing and ask God to help you prioritize your time wisely.

ACTION: Is being busy an easy excuse for you or are you using your God-given time to the best of your ability?


photo credit: Svadilfari