Proper breathing when running is just as important as stretching before and after a run to prevent injuries.  Do you ever wonder why you are winded orbecome burnt out quickly?  More than likely it is caused by how you are breathing. Improper breathing exercises while running can result in shorter runs,becoming winded much quicker, and causes more stress on the body.  Whether running outside or on a machine proper breathing is still necessary.    The proper breathing technique for running is to take slow deep breaths into the diaphragm.  Your stomach should expand while breathing in and contract while breathing out.  If you are not used to breathing from your diaphragm, practice this technique before running until it becomes natural andthen try running on a treadmill or open trail.

The second technique is to pay attention to the steps you take in motion.   Take a breath in for the first two to three steps for a moderate pace jog and double if sprinting.  If this method is too difficult, try using music to control breathing at regular steady pace.  By breathing with the beat of the music it helps to keep a steady breathing rhythm and keeping it regular throughout your movements. Breathing in time to the beat of a song occurs naturally and prevents your mind from wandering and changing the breath.

Using proper breathing techniques that ensures that the diaphragm is engaged provides the body with more oxygen because your entire lung capacity is engaged.  Proper breathing techniques are necessary for beginner runners as well as experienced runners.  These simple techniques will improve your stamina and allow you to run for longer periods of time.  Combine these techniques with good form and adequate recovery and you will become a stronger runner in no time.  The next time you take a run, check your breathing and adjust accordingly to enhance your stamina and improve running performance.

Happy Running!

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