Celebration Ride is 13 days and counting. To say I am excited is one thing. To say that I am worried about my safety is another. I can ride 300 miles. However, this project is not about one person. It is about people working together. Celebration Ride has a need. A very simple need. With a very cool title. CBO (Chief Bike Officer)

Main duty: follow me in a car.

Optional duty: give me water bottle refills & some food (that is in car).

Bonus: You are a CIA, FBI or Marshal  (kidding)

Please don't make me give up on the human race. Take eight hours (give or take) and make a difference in the life of kids. And protect me.

The CSO job can be 3 people due to the ride schedule:

  • Tuesday, September 14 DC to Baltimore
  • Wednesday, September 15 Baltimore to Philadelphia
  • Sunday, September 19 Philadelphia to NYC

The CSO needs a drivers license, must want to have FUN, and like to drive at a snails pace. Most importantly help a GREAT cause.

To apply, please email me at sarah [at] sarahstanleyinspired.com

Will you be a lurker? Will you assume someone else will do it? Step up & be counted!

Photo by: Pixel_Addict