I promised updates. And I have them. PLUS video's AND photos. Enjoy! My run yesterday turned into just enjoying the snow falling. The peace. The quiet. Yes, it was a diversion from my triple A personality. Shocker I know. I took some photos. And shot a video:

Live from DC Snow Pocalypse update 2

It didn't stop snowing till LATE evening. Like 10pm. Midnight perhaps?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Woke to a white blanket. Nope, more like a white duvet cover. A very thick one at that. 23 inches. Felt like 50.

There is a pool under there!

It was 26 degrees and about 16 degrees with the wind chill. Downright cold. HOWEVER. The sun was out. And you know what that means? A perfect morning for a run. A few layers, and MicroSpikes.

Pardon the interruption, but let me just state that this run was ONLY made possible by MicroSpikes. No, they didn't pay me to wear them. I bought them at REI. Worth EVERY penny. All 6000 of them. Check them out here: http://www.kahtoola.com/microspikes.html

Okay, back to the 2009 Blizzard update.

Front yard, wrap around driveway

Then it was down the trail. A self made trail.

Snowy trail

I was so happy to be running & enjoying the beautiful Winter Wonderland, all I wanted to do was take pictures and shoot video. This is where we need live or reality TV. Just sayin'.

Second diversion. The past 2 months I have been on recovery. Still training. But no set running miles. It had been a while since a "long" run, but I really wanted to "do 10" miles. I know my body pretty well and the poor thing has learned to just be quiet and suck it up. LOL.

Back to business.

Congressional Country Club

It was FUN to run on the road. When else do you get a chance to do that? Okay, yes I will admit that I have been know to run on the road on sunny days. Remember my 36 mile long that started in Long Beach, CA in July? Yeah. I MADE cars get over. Today was a little different. Just me. The snow. Some ice. A few cars. Snowplow. And drivers who thought I was crazy. I think they wanted my autograph. Just kidding.

Snow filled wall.

I ran down to the end of the road. The road I usually ride (bike) on. It was a nice change. Did I mention how peaceful it was? And my MicroSpikes. Totally the bomb. A couple was at the end of the road. They needed a ride to the Metro. The bus service was closed again today. The sad part? NOT one person had offered them a ride. Makes me mad. I was only at 3 miles. I told them I would run back, get my truck and come back to get them. I started running back home. On the way, a H3 passed me. Thank god another person had compassion and gave that couple a ride.

So, I stopped to chat with a gentleman (Jim) shoveling. Nice to meet new people. Yeah, hard to believe. Me talking.

Avenel Country Club. Golf anyone?

Ran on. Almost got killed by a Honda Civic going to fast down hill, slammed on breaks. I dove into the snow bank (no joke) and almost got stuck myself.

Running up snow & ice filled roads was tough. But I did manage to run some 7:45 pace miles. THAT was cool.

Talked to another gentleman (Pete). He actually knew what an ultra runner was!! SCORE! We talked for a while. He said I DID NOT look my age and to keep up the good work. Aw, how sweet.

As I was running down a hill, a snow thunder "storm" came up. In my haste I left my ski mask at home, so my checks/face felt the FULL affects of it.

Snow Thunder!

Ran on. Snow plow almost plowed me over. The sun was shinning and it was just breath taking out.

Why people let a little snow, ice, cold temps stop them I don't know. Their loss. Running outdoors in the winter is the best.

Tennies anyone?

Just look at that SNOW!!!

Hole in one! Snow in one! CCC

As I ran back home, I was thankful for legs to run. The freedom to run. The opportunity to be alive. To enjoy the moment. The feeling of working hard and being proud of it. Someone asked me why I run in the cold. My reply (in 140) was this: You realize that nothing can stop you. Makes you strong. The satisfaction of a run well done (when you peel off the sweaty layers). And that's that. 11 miles in about 1.5 hours. Yup, slow. But you know. I had the BEST. RUN. EVER.

And here is a sweaty take! Enjoy!

2009 Post Blizzard Run

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