If you dig helping others, eating, endurance events, or helping jump start a business then read up. Caleb Simpson is starting a natural "raw food" bar. It also happens to be gluten free and vegan. Which I know will interest some of you. Learn a little bit about nutrition and Adventure Naturals. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom!

Raw food for energy

By Caleb Simpson

In the past couple years the “raw food diet” has become quite popular. Although not heavily accepted, there is no denying that raw foods are good for you. Some people advocate a 100 percent raw food diet, others simply advocate a high raw food intake, which I believe is the best option for most people.

Raw foods are unprocessed and uncooked plant foods that are rich in nutrients and healthy enzymes.When heated above 116 degrees, many enzymes in the food are destroyed. These enzymes aid in digestion and absorption of food into the body.

Raw foods are an excellent source for energy because of their high nutritional and enzyme content. The body requires energy to break down and digest food, but the more enzymes the food contains, the easier it is for your body to process the food, thus providing you with more energy.

Take, for example, eating a large meal; your body has to work to digest the food, so you are often left feeling sluggish and slow. But, if you consume something like a salad with a healthy dressing you will have much more energy after that meal because your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest the food.

Carbohydrates are also a key source of energy, especially for athletes such as runners, cyclists and swimmers. But complex carbs (often cooked) are not the best source of carbs for energy (unless consumed the day before activity, i.e. carb loading) because they require time to be broken down before being converted to energy. But, simple carbohydrates translate to quick and instant energy. A good example of simple carbohydrates are raw dates and bananas. This is also why commercial energy drinks such as PowerAde and Gel Shots are quite popular amongst athletes.

Raw foods also yield huge amount of health benefits. There are countless cases of people switching to a raw food lifestyle and curing themselves of cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. Although, this type of diet is not for everybody, simply increasing your diet to as little as 50% raw foods will yield countless health benefits. Increasing your raw food intake can be as simple as drinking a raw smoothie in the morning (consisting of fruit, greens and a non-dairy based milk, such as almond milk) and having a salad for lunch. It’s also key to avoid processed foods, especially junk food.

This brings me to a mention of Adventure Naturals; a new raw food snack company based out of Austin Texas. Adventure Naturals produces tasty energy bars and seasoned nuts. A healthy alternative to the break room snack machine and a great source of fuel for whatever adventure you wish to pursue.

With production slated to begin in March, we need to raise some startup capital to make it all happen. Our project is currently on Kickstarter, where you can make a donation and get free product in return. You will be one of the first to taste our wonderful, healthy creations. Our bars are 100% organic, mostly raw, gluten free, and vegan. Not only that, but they are full of healthy ingredients that will help fuel even the most active person.

So check it out and make your pledge today. http://kck.st/couzJh. You can also visit us online at http://www.adventurenaturals.com or follow us on Twitter @Adv_Naturals

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