Ok, so you may dread Mondays. I am sorry. HOWEVER, I would LOVE to see if I can change that thought (yes, it is just a thought, not a fact). Why not look forward to them? You can ALWAYS count on this e-letter to cheer you up. But seriously, why do "we" dread" Mondays? I was thinking of this on my sweat fests over the weekend.

We may dread Mondays for a variety of reasons. School, meetings, back to the 8-5, travel, things we don't feel like doing, and you can fill in the next thing. No matter what it is, instead of thinking how you can survive till Friday at 5 o'clock, change your thinking. Big surprise, right? Well, I mean it. If you spend your time & energy focused on things you don't like, can't stand, dread or fear, then you know what? You will MAKE those feelings happen!!! It may be hard to refocus your mind, but trust me, it is SO worth it.

Example. This weekend, I did yoga. A lot. And that meant a doing a pose I am not particularly  fond of. It's called "wheel". It's a pose that puts me on that "edge" of feeling like I am going to snap in two. Or collapse. Or die. We do it four times. IN A ROW. Lovely! So, rather then setting my mind on the fear or dread of doing it, I refocused my mindset. I could do it. And you know what? I did! I had 12 opportunities to do it over the course of the weekend (did it on Friday). I made it through 9 of them. Sweet! But you know what? It wasn't about the pose. It was about the way I was approaching the pose before hand. Once I told myself I could do it, I did it. It was all in my mind. And that is where the power comes from. Yes, I had to use my arms and legs, but my mind is what not only got me up, but it helped keep me up. Look at Mondays this way: a brand new day to do something positive! A day to change the way you think! A day to encourage someone else! After all, it's just another day! Use the power of your mind to tell your self YOU CAN. You may just surprise yourself:) And you know, what, you may actually look forward to Mondays!

Photo by Riot Jane