Last night here in the metro DC area we had very and I do mean VERY heavy thunderstorms. As I listened to the torrential down pour of the rain, the sharp & deafing sound of thunder and the very bright lighting bolts, I started to think.....which as you know is not a new thing! :) Funny how everything unfolds. Yesterday was one of THOSE days. When I thought things could not get worse, they did. The storm became a hurricane and a class 4 hurricane at that. As I was dealing with everything & coming up with a plan of action(more like a plan of attack), the real life thunderstorms started.

Perfect timing. Not only was it storming outside, but it was storming in my life as well! Hearing the rain. Seeing the lighting. Feeling the thunder. The physical storms outside were just like life.

It seems that when we have all that we can handle, more storms arrive. The rain turns from a shower into a down pour. And there is no end in sight! Although a rainbow is supposed to be at the end of the storm, it sometimes takes a while for us to see it. Reflecting on this, I was thinking how do we deal with storms in our life?

Sometimes we can see them coming. Other times they descend on us without warning. How we react to them is up to us. Easier said then done I know. How did I deal with my "class 4 hurricane" yesterday?

To be honest, I freaked out. Then I stopped. Breathed. Closed my eyes (thank god I was not driving then). I realized that panicing & worrying was not going to help me in my storm. Only patience, time, friends and a deep breath were going to be my life lines. A faint rainbow is off in the distance. I know that one day soon, a VERY bright rainbow will appear & seeing that will be a very sweet sight.

So my friend, if you are in a storm, hang on. If you aren't in a storm, start getting prepared now. One will be along soon. How you choose to react is up to you. Its not how bad the storm will be, but how we choose to handle the storm. And with every storm there is a rainbow.

Photo by MissTurner