I receive a lot of questions about living a healthy life and one of the more popular ones has to do with balance. Perhaps the image of standing on one leg on a balance ball while tending to kids who are naked running around you as you try to cook dinner, answer the phone and the dishwasher overflows comes to mind. Finding the balance  amidst the chaos of everyday life can indeed be challenging!

So how does one effectively balance life, kids, work, health, fitness? Here are six practical tips for you in juggling this thing we called life.

1) Calendar!

Schedule workouts on your calendar. Just like you schedule playdates, work meetings, conference calls, schedule your workouts. With reminders! This can be a great way to stay on track with a running program and even general fitness.

2) Make time!

I often remind people that we make time for what we make time for. Whatever is a priority to us is what will take our time! Usually making money/living takes a top priority and in turn, a lot of people are miserable because they are living in a cubicle for most of their life. Perhaps it’s time to ditch the cubicle for something that excites you when you get up each morning! There is no reason to dread Monday mornings! Or how much TV do you watch? Instead of watching TV, go for a walk or run or yoga or lift weights or ...

3) Prioritize!

If you spend a lot of going to happy hours and out on the town, chances are that your health is suffering (sleep, peace, nutrition). Scale back on happy hours and spend time with a friend going to a yoga class or a run together. If you are a parent, invite another family over for dinner sometime. Your home doesn’t have to spick and span (or perfect), just filled with love and kindness.

4) Say no!

Most of us run ragged because we overcommit ourselves. Saying no is OK :). If you are an entrepreneur like myself, this can be a long lesson to learn. Say no to things that won’t benefit you in the long run. This can be difficult to learn at first (at least for me, it still is!) There are so many things that want my attention, so learn to delegate and say no. This is living in tune!

5) Be active all day long!

For those of you that sit at desk, here are some to ways be active throughout the day. Get a treadmill desk, go outside for meetings and walk, walk and talk on the phone, go outside for fresh air during a lunch break, set a timer to get up and be active every hour on the hour for 10 minutes. (Note: running in the morning and then sitting all day is still terrible for your health!) Everything counts- either steps or sitting. Pick your health!

6) No excuses!

A lot of us live more by excuses then by reasons to live!  Commit right now to slay those excuses and start living with reasons to do something positive. Change happens when we acknowledge that how we are currently living is not working and make it a daily habit to live with reasons, not excuses!

So, your turn! How do you #LiveInTune? How do you get active on a busy, hectic day? Have you hiked or ran in a super cool place recently? Share a photo of you being active on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag: #LiveInTune so you’ll be entered to win a sweet gift from my friends at Philip Stein, Polaroid and myself (a 30 minute personal nutrition session via Google+ Hangouts or Skype).


I look forward to seeing your comments and photos. Remember, #LiveInTune!

Disclaimer: I'm honored to be working with Philip Stein and the #LiveInTune campaign!