I've seen a lot of people post about getting a cold or feel one coming on. Instead of reaching for over the counter potions that are filled with harmful toxins, try these 7 ways to fight a cold (or get a jump start on preventing one!) #1) Ditch the dairy! Dairy has been linked to mucus and phlegm. By removing dairy from your diet (as in what you eat on a daily/weekly basis). Dairy also contains millions of pus cells, hormones and antibiotics. So removing this from your can do your health a world of good!

#2) Garlic is your best friend! Garlic has the power to help your immune system, fight off viruses and even help prevent cancer. But use fresh organic garlic! Garlic powder won't have the same effect. Add fresh, chopped garlic to your meals and you'll feel healthy. Just be sure to brush your teeth afterward :)

#3) Drink water! No need to go into great detail- drinking water helps keep your body alive. Take your body weight, divide in half and that's how many ounces of water to drink daily. Avoid sugar, juices, etc. Colds feed off of sugar and weaken the immune system.

#4) Get Zinc! Zinc helps white blood cells fight infections, boost immune system, and helps the body heal because it is a pure antibacterial, anti-fungal source.

#5) Power of Echinacea!  I've been a fan of Echinacea for a long time. It's a proven power herb to help boost immune system and reduce pain (per a 2007 study from University of Connecticut). Take in capsule form or tea or powder. It's often paired with Goldenseal, another great herb. Take when you feel a cold coming on and during a cold. I'm a big fan of WishGarden Kick-Ass Immune.

#6) Herbal Tea! Drinking herbal tea is one of my favorite ways to prevent a cold. One of my personal favorites is Throat Coat.

#7) Rest+Real Food! Eat crap? (Otherwise known as Fast Food.) Skimp on sleep? Those things could be wearing your immune system. Get plenty of good sleep and say no to Fast Crap! Our bodies were not created to digest lab-made stuff (it's not food).

Fighting colds is really all about preventing them. What you put in your body does matter! What changes will you make your diet today? This week? This month?


photo credit: reader of the pack