How do you stay motivated to your health and wellness during the holiday (and cold) season? Below are seven holiday motivation tips for you! Fitness in cold weather

  • Cold weather can be harder to get active in but we live in a day and age that outdoor gear is abundant!

  • Snowshoeing is an excellent cold weather exercise! And fun too! You can rent from most REI or local snow shop.

  • Winter workout friends are essential. It’s a lot harder to miss workouts when you have someone counting on you!

  • Challenge or invite your co-workers to join you on your wellness goals!

  • Scheduling your workouts can keep you on track, less likely to miss them and something to look forward!

  • Starting your day with a workout is the perfect way to make sure you don't skip them! End the day with an active evening cap - yoga, Pilates, easy run or walk,

  • Sign up for a race that is happening in early Jan. or Feb. This will help you stay focused (and motivated!) during the holiday season.

Holiday parties and holiday food

  • Have a plan for parties! Go with a friend, keep a water glass in your hand, bring a dish that you can eat, keep a raw food bar in your bag.

  • Set the example! There is no rule that says you have to eat what everyone is.

  • When baking and cooking, always use real ingredients over fat/sugar free, low-fat or skim. These products contain artificial fillers, dyes.

  • A serving of cheese straws contains around 30 g of saturated fat. Opt for some artisan cheese with fresh veggies.

  • Swedish meatballs: 400 calories per serving, 10 g of saturated fat, 1,245 g of sodium. Make Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers instead.

How to handle "food-pushers"

  • Don’t let anyone belittle your wellness goals or what you choose to eat/drink. Many wish they had your dedication and commitment!

  • When people talk negatively or are cynical about your health and wellness goals, it’s a reflection of them, not you.

  • Share your healthy recipes and dishes with your family. Introduce them to real, nutrient-dense food!

Holiday drinks

  • A cup of eggnog has almost 400 calories and 21 g of sugar. If you must drink it, have a ¼ cup and fill rest with plant-based milk.

  • Two better egg nog options are So Delicious and/or Califia Farms

  • Alcohol mixed with soft drinks has been shown to be a very deadly drink. So stick with a glass of wine or seltzer water.

  • Except for raw juice/smoothies or probiotic drinks, nutrition rarely comes from drinks. Drink wisely!

  • Keep good company. Don’t let the peer pressure of others negative influence your wellness choices and commitment.

Motivation Holiday Tips

  • Motivation tip 1: remember the big picture, not instant gratification. The latter ultimately always disappoints while the former makes you stronger


  • Motivation tip 2: think of where you want to be next year and if the choices you make today will get you there or not.


  • Motivation tip 3: everything you do adds up; a drop in the bucket adds up over time! What do you want that drop to be- wellness or sickness?


  • Motivation tip 4: how do you want your little black dress (or pants!) to fit? Clothes can be a great motivator and indicator of where you weight-wise vs a scale.


  • Motivation tip 5: focus on overall wellness: mind+body+spirit vs numbers on a scale. Scales don’t reflect muscle, unhealthy/healthy cholesterol, etc.


  • Motivation tip 6: when you want to quit or give up or give in, think about how you’ll feel if you just walk away. Stay in the game! Your wellness is always worth it.


  • Motivation tip 7: think of those who can’t be doing what you can. Never waste an opportunity griping what others long to do.

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Cover photo credit: Evan