Tonight was the second installment of the 6 Week Holiday Survival Guide on Inspired LIVE with Sarah Stanley! If you missed watching it, never fear, you can watch it here! Here are some notes from what we talked about. Have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

Ingredient swaps:

  • Avocado (or greek yogurt) for mayo
  • Applesauce for oil
  • Honey for sugar (use half)
  • Kale for lettuce
  • Fresh herbs and spices for salt
  • Coconut cream for whipped cream
  • Nutritional Yeast for cheese
  • Three Green Bean Casserole Delicious & Healthy Version Recipes

    A) Sautee fresh green beans for 5 minutes, add chopped garlic and some fresh sea salt and fresh ground peper. Place in a bowl and toss with silvered almonds.

    B) Steam fresh green beans with a little water in the pan for about 3-5 minutes. Remove from heat and run over cold water. Place in bowl and toss with chopped cherry tomatoes, sea salt, red onion, sauteed garlic, and chopped walnuts.

    C) Cook nitrate-free bacon (or turkey bacon) in a pan (or oven/microwave). Remove bacon from pan and saute green beans for about 3-5 minutes. Remove from pan and wrap with bacon!

Traditional green bean casserole has around 366 calories per serving and is packed with unhealthy fat. Opt for one of the above options!

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