Last night I went on a little rant. 512 words to be exact. I wasn't talking about the birds & the bees. Or 25 reasons to love dark chocolate. I was ON FIRE about obesity. All of my posts, tweets, #lifeTruth thoughts are all sparked from personal experiences. What sparked these specific posts last night was working with a family where food was is being used as weapon, not as nutrition. It broke my heart all over again. And I wanted to share what I see with my own eyes.

I am passionate about many things. And one of the topics I am extremely vocal & passionate about is kids + parents + food. Obesity. You'll see the stats below. Please don't confuse my passion with being mean, attacking, etc. I only want to help.

Our nation is in a crisis. Its time that we stop skirting the issues, being defensive, making excuses and take personal responsibility.

If you missed it, here is the recap. If you did catch my live tweeting, I would urge you read it again. There are some good facts not to miss!


Hey parents, just because you feel guilty does NOT mean you give them junk food to eat!!

No, I'm not sorry. I won't back down from helping people, parents, kids be aware of the food they eat & what they drink.

America is leading the charts on obesity. 1 in 3 kids & 2 in 3 adults are obese. It's a crisis. And it starts with personal responsibility.

I watch parents feed their kids processed food because they've been gone for 14 hours & feel guilty about that. At least give them an apple!

Making a lot of $ does mean you sacrifice your kids health. Loving your kids doesn't mean you buy their love by feeding them crap.

You can't buy your kids love via food. If you think you can, you've been fooled.

I wish - I pray -  that each of us will wake up & realize that if you put crap in your body & your kids, you'll get grouchy, sad, unhappy people

I am passionate about kids, food, people. I seek no greater joy then to help people understand the two. And to sweat too ;)

And please never give a kid a "treat" that is junk. If you have to, at least make it healthy. But remember there are no treats in adult life!

Oh, one last thing. It's not about being a size 0, only eating celery juice (whatever that is) or being judgmental. It's about being healthy.

Re: treats in life: every time you go to work you don't get a "treat". Example, kid woke up from nap, he got a sugar pop. For waking up??!!

Re: no treats in life f/u. You stop at red lights. You pull over when an fire engine goes by. Do you get a "treat" for doing so? No.

Re: treats in life f/u 2) you find "treats" in life by helping others, not through food/$. Neither of those bring happiness.

More: kids want to be noticed. They want attention. Are they crying? Out of control? Chances are if you just play with them, things will be better. I can't stress this enough. Put down all things tech & go to the park, soccer field, etc. Time with kids is far better then candy!

When kids equate food as love, it sets them for failure in so many ways its sad.

I'm not trying to offend anyone, just stating what I see on a daily basis. And if it wasn't an issue, why are the stats the way are?

Listen, I'm here to help & support parents. But I'm not going to apologize when I see with my own eyes what is going on!

Bottom line (as I've said before) personal responsibility. And that means if you are a parent, you are responsible for what your kids eat

Yes, I don't have biological children, but I have raised 3 from the day they were born. And have contained to work with kids ever since. I'm speaking from experience & first hand knowledge. I know it's not easy. But if you make wise, educated choices its a step in the right direction.

I'll write more in a blog over the coming days/weeks. It's a complex issue. I only want to give hope to kids and moms/dads. Love you all!

And at this point I'll need a body guard!

Sarah Stanley is a professional endurance athlete who is passionate about life, health, kids & sweating. Sign up for her newsletter for more inspiration!

Photo by: Gunna