I love stats. I love seeing where people visit my site from (thanks Google Analytics for turning me into a cute geek/nerd:)). So it was with great joy that I realized in the last 14 months I ran + cycled 5000 miles. Actually 5008 miles to be exact. That equals the following stats:

  • I went around the world .20 times
  • Over 620 hours either on my feet or on the saddle (and my legs prove it!)
  • I powered 620. 64 TV's (you're welcome)
  • 1759 donuts (I didn't of course!)
  • I saved 263.59 gallons of fuel
  • I left an impact on countless lives

And that is the stat I am most proud of. I run and ride (and sometimes try to find my inner nemo, aka, swimming) to give others hope. To show kids that living a healthy lifestyle is cool. To be a real, living breathing example that you don't have to let negativity run your life. To bring awareness to many different causes I am passionate about. To help others. To give hope to the weary. To be a light in the darkness. And a friendly reminder to smile, laugh and love.

So here is to another 5000 miles. And to a life that is healthy and serving others.

Photo by: Ahisgett