Monday gets a bad rap. And it shouldn't. A day of the week should not affect our mood or outlook on life! Sure, there are times when things don't go as planned on a Monday. And any other day of the week too- anyone else have a difficult Friday?! We don't have to dread Monday! We can love Monday! Here are 5 things that I love about this day of the week.

#1) New beginnings!  I like to treat Monday as January 1. Need a restart? Monday is a perfect day to do that!

#2) Renewed vigor for goals! If your goals have fallen by the wayside or you feel stuck, when you go to bed Sunday night, remind yourself to wake up and get back on track.

#3) Meatless Monday! Of course, everyday is meatless Monday for me, but it's always fun knowing that other people are eating a meatless meal virtually with me.

#4) Helping others see that Monday doesn't have to suck! Go cheer someone up who is having a rough (Mon)day. Do a random act of kindness. Give compliments freely. Make Monday nice for those around you.

#5) An easy day of training! After a weekend of long runs & rides, it's nice to have Monday to go for a little run, usually some yoga and weightlifting.

What about you? What do you love about Monday? Leave a comment below!

Photo credit: Widnr