Today marks the first day of Lent and also marks the day that a lot of people give something up. Chocolate, drinking, candy ... kind of reminds me of Jan. 1. But sadly, the traditional meaning (prayer, repentance, fasting, etc) of Lent is usually forgotten. So this year, instead of giving something up, why not DO something good - something positive? Let's face it, the things that we are attempting to give up probably shouldn't be a part of our life to begin with.

So here are a list of ways to make a difference the next 40 days (and hopefully forever). Pick one or 10. Just pick something that you will be able to do every day. Leave a comment below for what you picked!

1) Give someone a compliment

2) Pray for a struggling friend(s) for five minutes before you start your day

3) Give your daily beverage money to a cause like World Vision or Blood Water: Mission

4) Forgive instead of being bitter

5) Send a note card (yes, snail mail)

6) Read a Lent and Easter plan from YouVersion

7) Invite someone to sweat with you (run, yoga, gym, etc)

8) Eat a green vegetable (kale, spinach, cucumber)

9) Don't beat yourself up

10) Think positive

11) Drink only water

12) Wake up happy

13) Smile intentionally

14) Pray instead of venting online

15) Be thankful for what you have instead of complaining

16) Do five pushups

17) Get in 10,000 steps

18) Speak kindly of everyone

19) Hold plank for 30 seconds

20) Breathe in, breathe out when you feel stressed, anxious or nervous

21) Call a friend or family member

What will you do to make the 2012 Lent season a positive one?