So last month (October, 2009) was a bit insane. Crazy. Busy. Fun. Hectic. Let me explain. I know you wanna hear:) It all seemed simple at the time. Run Marine Corps Marathon on October 25th. No sweat, right?

Then I had to go to Portland, OR October 1-6. Figures there was a marathon on the 4th. What the heck, I'll run it. So I did.

Then it was back to DC before flying to Las Vegas. Thank god there wasn't any marathons on this trip! Because the next city was San Francisco. And the Nike Women's Marathon on October 18th. Thankfully, I just had to run the (hilly) half marathon.

Then it was on to Boston, MA. Thankfully I just had to talk about running. Because 6 days after Nike, I ran Marine Corps Marathon on October 25th.

To end my month (and racing season) I ran NYC Marathon 6 days later.

In order to survive the last two 26.2 races, I treated them as long training runs with credit. Like a expo, tee shirt, aid stations, and oh yeah a medal! If you remember from my training runs from the summer I had plenty of unsupported training runs without "credit". (The 36 mile training run will ALWAYS be stuck in my head).

So in 4 weeks, I not only ran 3.5 marathons but I also traveled over 5k miles, meet some amazing people, shared my love of running with others, made some new friends, earned some cool medals, added more t-shirts to my collection and oh yeah, didn't die:)

But as one of my friends pointed out all despite running these races this month they STILL didn't add up to the race I ran on August 22, 2009. Yup, all things all possible if you put your mind to it:)

Photo by Randy Lemoine