Running The San Francisco Marathon? Or the first or second half? Congratulations! Here are 26.2 ways to rock each step of the way! 1) You can't cram hydration! Start hydrating today! Make sure to include electrolytes (NUUN or EmgernC are great options).

2) Don't carb load. Eat what you usually eat before a training run. Carbs 12 hours before a race don't do you any good.

3) Go to the expo Friday (and a short bribe to come hear me talk at 12:30 p.m.!) Rest Saturday!

4) Don't change anything! This includes using new or different shoes, socks, shorts, etc. Stick with what your body knows!

5) Get to the race start early! There is nothing worse than rushing to the start.

6) Download the The SF Marathon app! Let your friends and family track your progress!

7) Leave iPod at home. Let the crowds and the beautiful city carry you!

8) High-five kids and the crowds. It will give you a boost of energy.

9) At water stations, get your cup at the back of the line. People tend to bunch up at the start of the tables.

10) Walk the hills if you have to. There is no shame in walking them!

11) When running up the hills, lean into them, don't hunch over.

12) Think of the finish line when you get tired.

13) Think of the training you put into the race, don't let the hurt stop you!

14) Encourage those around you in the latter stages of the race. Everyone likes encouragement!

15) Get a massage Monday!

16) Go for a short walk on Monday to help with soreness.

17) Ice bath after finish of race. Avoid hot tub!

18) Pack a change of comfy clothes in gear check bag.

19) Get some protein in you after you cross the finish line.

20) Wear arm warmers if you think you'll be cold while running. But don't forget you'll get warm soon after you start!

21) Get to bed early Saturday (you might not be able to sleep, but you can rest!)

22) Don't drink - just water!

23) Avoid eating new foods until after race.

24) Keep calm and run on.

25) Sign up for next year's race! July 29, 2011!

26) Smile! You did it! Receive your medal with pride!


Sarah Stanley is one of the 2011 The SF Marathon Ambassadors and can't wait to run across the Golden Gate Bridge with 24,000 other runners on July 31, 2011!