Day 7 is brought to you by Katy Widrick of Growing Boulder TV. Enjoy! If you are new to Project Cheer, welcome!

Cheer Day #7: Make someone laugh today

I am a holiday-loving, carol-singing, fruitcake-eating kind of girl. I love everything about the holidays, from the lights to the ribbons to the way we all seem to be a bit friendlier during the month of December.

But I know there are some Scrooges out there that just need a little motivation to embrace the holiday spirit. So, why not Elf them? I promise -- this is a free and fun way to show people you care enough to make them look ridiculous.

I Elfed myself as an example:

Don't think this fits the Healthy Holiday bill? Well, you can burn 1.3 calories per minute of laughing and 50 calories for every 10 minutes of dancing.

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

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Photo by KIUKO