We're in the final countdown of Project Cheer! Today's cheer is brought to you by Joyce Cherrier. What's 25 Days of Cheer all about? Read this to get a background on the project!

Cheer #23) Help An Elderly Friend

Some years back, I lost my dad and, less than two years later, my mom. For years our relationship was not the best. Being a headstrong, do-it-myself person, somehow in my younger years I never thought of what it would be like if they just weren’t there anymore.

Now years later, my next-door neighbors happen to be an elderly couple who have no family nearby. As time has gone on and we've all grown a bit older, I've realized that I have the opportunity to help and serve in a way I feel I should have done more with my own parents. So we've sort of adopted each other.

Here's how I would like to be a help to them:

Run errands -Many times errands are a big drain on folks who have a hard time just navigating big stores with lots of people. Maybe they have some vision issues or just get overwhelmed while going out-and-about this time of year.

Gift wrapping -I don't know about you, but gift wrapping can be a long process and lots of fun but still seriously tiring! It's much more fun to do it together! The time just flies by and you lose the frustration of constantly looking for the scissors and tape you just buried!

Fixing the big dinner - Cooking a big holiday meal is pretty overwhelming, and although my neighbors always offer to help, my goal is to make sure they don't have the stress. It's nice to see them sit down at a meal and know that they have a chance to relax and enjoy.

Is there someone elderly in your life that maybe needs that extra helping hand? Sometimes their pride might get in the way, but know in your heart that they truly feel loved when you reach out!

Joyce Cherrier is a misplaced Maui girl/ Former health food store owner, gym managing, pro-windsurfer. She loves surfing, organic, and of course social media! Follow her on Twitter @JoyceCherrier & visit her website for more fitness fun!